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Deadpool’s Going To War With The X-MEN (By Accident) -BB

There is no superhero better equipped to skewer Marvel’s own books and heroes than Deadpool, and the mouthy merc has set his sights on the X-Men next. But will the mutant nation of Krakoa remain an enemy to Wade Wilson… or forge a new alliance?

The mercenary’s latest comic book series is making a point to remind fans Deadpool is an outsider, even among the stranger members of the Marvel Universe (and considering some of the X-Men’s disturbing mutants, that really is saying something). Having claimed his new role as King of Monsters, Deadpool wasted no time in calling out Captain America’s prejudice. But thanks to Marvel’s latest announcement, fans can look forward to Deadpool calling out the new mutant status quo the only way he knows how: by invading Krakoa. Well, accidentally.

While Deadpool is fighting Kraven in his current comics, Marvel has announced his plans for April 2020, when Deadpool #6 sees Wade collide with the X-Men and their mutant paradise on the island of Krakoa. As a mutant himself, as well as a monarch, Wade understandably wishes to have a Krakoan portal — the teleportation technology allowing mutants to move freely to and from Krakoa — installed on his Monster (formerly Staten) Island. But when they ignore him, he decides to pay the X-Men a visit. Considering the last uninvited guests on Krakoa managed to murder Charles Xavier… things go poorly. With a plot synopsis teasing „an entire nation of biological weapons and mutant warriors versus a merc with a mouth,“ Greg Land’s cover art speaks for itself:

Even if fans may not agree on Wade Wilson’s actual ‚mutant‘ status in comic canon, there will be plenty for Deadpool to take exception to when arriving on Krakoa. Even if the X-Men welcomed him warmly, readers would expect Deadpool to take note of the… more suspicious developments in the world of X-Men. Whether it’s killing iconic mutants, or apparently deciding to just make mutants immortal and un-aging, the relaunch has crossed the line into disturbing more than once — and nobody knows disturbing better than Deadpool. Fans can look forward to this collision of old friends (foes?) when Deadpool #6 arrives in April. Until then, read on below for the full solicitation details straight from Marvel:

  • Release Date: April 2020
  • Written by: Kelly Thompson
  • Art by: Kevin Labranda
  • Cover by: Greg Land, Jesus Aburtov
  • DEADPOOL INVADES THE X-MEN! When the X-Men won’t return Deadpool’s calls for a Krakoa portal on Monster Island, Wade decides to drop by for a visit. Apparently, the new X-Men home isn’t taking visitors. RUDE. It’s an entire nation of biological weapons and mutant warriors versus a merc with a mouth. GAME ON!

Deadpool #6 will arrive in your local comic book shop in April 2020.

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