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Final Fate/stay night Film Unleashes New PV and Release Date


Fans were treated to a live broadcast full of Fate news, bringing with it more excitement about the final chapter of Heaven’s Feel!

The recent broadcast confirmed that spring song, the third and final film in the Heaven’s Feel trilogy, will hit Japanese cinemas on March 28. (Note that the US premiere is still listed for „spring 2020“). The latest PV gives us a glimpse of the battle to come in all its glory:



Fans in Japan can also look forward to a Christmas Eve radio special featuring appearances from Noriko Shitaya (the voice of Sakura), Ayako Kawasumi (the voice of Saber), Mai Kadowaki (the voice of Illyasviel von Einzbern), Yuu Asakawa (the voice of Rider), and Jouji Nakata (the voice of Kirei Kotomine):



The official Fate/stay night Twitter is counting down to the movie with their „100 Pieces“ series: 100 visuals tracing the stories trajectory. One will be revealed each day, with the final image to be revealed on March 28.



Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] adapts the final story arc of the original visual novel. From the official site:

Mages (Masters) and Heroic Spirits (Servants) work together in the battles of the Holy Grail War…a fight for an omnipotent wish-granting container called the Holy Grail.

However, this war has become horribly twisted.


A young woman named Sakura Matou, with the sins she has committed, drowns in the murky darkness.

A young man named Shirou Emiya, who vowed to protect Sakura, works together with Rin Tohsaka and throws himself into the raging battle to put a stop to the Holy Grail War.

Illyasviel von Einzbern, as one of the few who knows the truth behind the conflict, confronts her own fate, while Zouken Matou uses Sakura to try to fulfill his own desires.

„That’s why…you’ll need to grit your teeth, Sakura.“

Will the young man’s wish reach her even as he challenges fate itself, battling against the rising tide?

The Holy Grail War is coming to an end…

The final battle is about to begin.


>> THE MOVIE Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III. spring song Website






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