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God of War: How To Defeat the Queen of the Valkyries -BB

The return of the hyper-violent franchise provides players with new mythology to engross themselves in. As well as a deeply technical combat engine within God of War for PS4. The new entry in the franchise pits Kratos against the gods of Norse mythology and features a new over the shoulder style combat engine. The game provides players with a wide array of skills and gear to make the combat of the title seem both responsive and intricate. God of War provides players a cast of challenging and interesting boss battles that may seem difficult on a first playthrough.

Without question one of the most challenging boss battles is the Sigrun the Valkyrie Queen fight. She hosts an arsenal of dangerous moves that will put a player’s skills to the test. Her seemingly random attack pattern can be difficult for players to study and predict making this fight a frustrating and disheartening experience. This guide will provide players with a strategy to defeat the infamous Valkyrie Queen with little to no difficulty. Simply follow the tips provided and watch as the fight becomes trivialized.

Before tackling the fearsome boss it is important that players are adequately prepared to face her. She has a wide variety of high damage and one-hit K.O attacks that will quickly dispatch of an ill-prepared player. Spending a little time preparing can make the difference between winning and dying an honorable death in battle.

By the time a player is facing Sigrun, they will more than likely have the majority of skills at their disposal. But ensure that you have the countering strike and returning storm skills in your arsenal. These abilities will play a key role in defeating the Valkyrie Queen and are a must to have.

In regards to what equipment should be used during this boss fight it is recommended that players use, Ivaldu’s Pauldron of Deadly Mist as their armor set. This set provides players with a regeneration ability alongside three enchantment slots per piece for them to equip whatever enchantments they desire. This armor set is a solid choice given its powerful regeneration ability alongside the large supply of enchantments that you can equip.

When properly prepared, the Sigrun fight will become marginally easier. So be sure that you undergo some preparation before you tackle the fearsome boss. A rushed attempt at Sigrun could produce a frustrating loss.

The most important element to fighting Sigrun is to understand her powerful move set and how to shut down her attacks. Through the memorization of her attack pattern and how to break through her shield, the Sigrun fight will become trivialized.

When fighting Sigrun be sure to keep your shield up at all times until an opening is available. Her variety of attacks will quickly defeat an over-aggressive player. Being patient and defensive is by far the best and most efficient way to tackle the boss.

One of the first things to note when fighting Sigrun is to utilize your ax-throwing skill to stop her aerial attacks. If you see her float upwards toward the sky quickly aim at her and launch your ax to stun her.  This will prevent her from unleashing some of her most dangerous attacks onto Kratos. It also provides an opening for players to unleash a powerful counterattack on her. This is where the returning storm skill to bring your ax back while delivering a powerful slam attack. Use this combination of skills to keep her out of the sky and to continually chip away at her large pool of health. However, be aware of her flying tackle attacks. They cannot be interrupted with an ax throw and can be extremely damaging if they connect.

When fighting Sigrun be wary of her powerful unblockable move. As the name implies it cannot be stopped with a shield and will dish out a massive amount of damage if it connects. The best way to handle this attack is to watch her start-up of the move. If she leaps towards your right, then dodge to the right, and the same goes for the left. This will allow players a visual cue to tell which side they must take to avoid this unblockable stabbing attack. So be aware and pay attention to how she approaches you in order to avoid these attacks.  Another powerful move to be wary of is Sigrun’s leaping grab attack. Watch out if she leaps directly upwards towards the sky, she will come down with a series of attempted grabs all of which unleash a devastating amount of damage. Simply roll away the moment you notice her leap, this will ensure you are not caught by the powerful attack.

The final tip to dismantle Sigrun is to break through her powerful shield. The best way to do this is to utilize either the dedicated shield break attack or unleashing a runic strike on her. This will break through her defensive, not allowing for any counter-attack and opening the possibility for a powerful combo attack on the boss. This will be the primary way that players will be able to damage the Valkyrie Queen and is an opportunity that should not be wasted. She is a character that does not allow for many mistakes, so capitalizing on this chink in her armor is essential for victory.

If applied, these tips will assure a satisfying victory over the powerful Sigrun. Simply be cautious and aware of her move set while being efficient in your counter attacks and the infamous Valkyrie Queen will be another boss dead at the feet of Kratos. By following these tips players will be able to boast about defeating the most dangerous boss within God of War. 

God of War is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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