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When we capture a new picture or video using our smartphone, it also records the location coordinates of the picture taken if location services on your smartphone are turned on. This comes in handy while organising the photos in the app based on location it was captured or based on the event as well.

Location data in a picture is tagged via EXIF data along with data and time of the photo taken, so while sharing it, all the details also get shared along with the photo and one can easily point out the location of the photo taken. However, not all the time, you may want to share a picture with location details tagged in it. Thankfully, both Apple and Android smartphones allow users to remove the location details from the photo or video before sharing it and here’s how you can do it.

How to remove location details from a photo or video on iOS devices


Open Photos app and select as many photos or videos you want to share


Now, tap on the ‘Share’ button


At the ‘Share’ page, you’ll see a notification stating location included along with the ‘Options’ button, tap on it.


Now, turn off location toggle to remove location data from the photos and videos.

How to remove location details from a photo or video on Android smartphones
On Android, a few smartphone brands allow users to delete location using their custom Gallery app manually. However, we will use Google Photos in this case.


On Google Photos, open any image and swipe up to open ‘Info’ of the image


Now, look for the vertical three dots and tap on the Remove location button.

Alternatively head to Settings of Google Photos app and turn off ‘Remove geo-location’ toggle. This will remove location details from the photos shared using the ‘Link’ and not the other means.

Note: Google Photos currently only allows to remove location coordinates from the photos which have acquired the estimated location details.

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