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Nightmare On Elm Street: 10 Netflix Series Fans Want To See (& Created Trailers For)

While it is not the only streaming service available now, Netflix is still considered to be one of the best due to the number of consistently good shows under its belt. This even includes adaptations of popular media from Marvel comics like Daredevil to The Witcher books.

So naturally, fans of other popular media want to imagine what it would be like if Netflix adapted things such as A Nightmare on Elm Street into a series by creating fake trailers. Posted on YouTube, these videos tend to excite fans. Thus, it implies a demand which Netflix may take into consideration.

10 9 The Series

Of the many animated films Tim Burton produced, the one that seems to have been forgotten about is 9. Released in 2009, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future occupied by killer machines and living dolls called Stitchpunks.

Garnering mixed reviews, 9 wasn’t a huge financial hit though some predicted it might gain a cult following. But now that 9 is available on Netflix, this could lead to further exposure of the film. In fact, there was a concept trailer made by Iron Darkky Productions in 2018 suggesting a Netflix series version of 9 which could work given its creative visuals.

9 Spider-Man Noir

Following the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, many non-comic book fans were exposed to different versions of the classic Spider-Man character. This included Spider-Man Noir, who debuted in his own comic series in 2009 before showing up in other media.

Instead of living in present times, this version of Spider-Man was born in the 1930s and thus his costume is more similar to pulp-fiction characters like The Shadow. There was even a nod to it in Spider-Man: Far From Home with the black stealth suit. So a Netflix series would seem fitting as this fan trailer by Christian Manka demonstrates.

8 A Nightmare On Elm Street

Given the success of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, a television series seems like the next logical step given the creative potential of the dream world and Freddy Krueger’s abilities. Though at the height of the franchise’s popularity during the late 80s, a TV show was created called Freddy’s Nightmares. 

An anthology-style show, it had Freddy act as the host and occasionally show up in the stories. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled after two seasons. Still, that doesn’t mean Netflix couldn’t work with a similar set-up or take a more story-driven approach as the above fan trailer by Mindd Kidzag shows.

7 The Black Cat

From comic books to video games, the Black Cat has served as a major foil to Spider-Man for many decades. She’s even getting her own cinematic debut despite the canceled team-up film with her and Silver Sable (another character that has a complex history with Spider-Man).

With that said, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to create a Netflix show featuring the character which this trailer created by ModeMarvelous illustrates. But like Venom, it would have to tackle the issue of whether to have Spider-Man or not. This is further complicated by the recent fallout between Marvel TV and Netflix.

6 Pokémon (Live-Action)

Despite the odds stacked against it, Detective Pikachu managed to not only turn in a profit but also get decent reception from longtime Pokémon fans and regular moviegoers alike. As a result, the notion of a good video game movie adaptation doesn’t seem like a pipe dream anymore.

So television is logically the next big hurdle, particularly in the live-action department. In fact, there are a lot of planned live-action television adaptations for video games already. Though if Detective Pikachu can pull it off, then there’s no reason a live-action Pokémon series can’t be done as seen in this fake trailer by Watermelon Movies.

5 Moon Knight

Because of the vastness of Marvel’s comic book universe, some characters naturally get more attention than others. Among the ignored ones is Moon Knight, who has gained some recognition overtime through a steadily growing fanbase.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Moon Knight’s story is that of a mercenary left for dead who gets brought back to life by an Egyptian god that gives him superpowers. He then lives the life of a crimefighter, a millionaire, and a taxi-driver simultaneously. So, who wouldn’t imagine a Netflix series featuring Moon Knight like this fan trailer by Dániel Goretity. Though ironically, there is a real one being developed at Disney+.

4 Avatar: The Last Airbender (Live-Action)

Considered by many to be one of the best animated series in recent decades, Avatar: The Last Airbender blew audiences away with its top animation and surprisingly mature content. Though when a live-action movie adaptation was attempted, it bombed so hard that no sequels followed.

While a sequel animated series followed, no second attempt at a live-action version has been done except in fan films and fake trailers such as this one by AD_edits. Yet Netflix is currently working on its own live-action television version of Avatar: The Last Airbender with production starting early this year.

3 Winx Club (Live-Action)

An ongoing series, Winx Club is popular among today’s young girls as well as nostalgic for those who grew up during its initial run through 4Kids as opposed to Nickelodeon. It’s especially a big hit in its country of origin Italy, where there are live shows and even a theme park.

Given the success of the animated movies, it makes one wonder what a live-action version of Winx Club would be like as imagined by fan trailers like Omer Menashe’s. However, this vision is set to become a reality as Netflix is currently working on such a project titled Fate: The Winx Club Saga.

2 Overwatch

After the longtime success of online games like World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard created another big hit in the form of Overwatch. Released in 2016, it offers a wide variety of characters to choose from and areas for players to battle in.

In addition, the cinematic trailers have added substance to what otherwise seems like a Team Fortress 2-style shooter. While some imagine a live-action movie adaptation of Overwatch, others like Lion Montages picture an animated Netflix series version. That way, it could encompass the different characters and stories that are simultaneously going on in the game.

1 Legend of Zelda (Live-Action)

One of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, the Legend of Zelda, is a series that is not only praised for its stories but also having distinct and memorable characters. Though when Nintendo adapted Legend of Zelda into a cartoon during the early ’80s, it didn’t age well.

Since then, Nintendo has become very protective of their properties and have only recently lightened up, as seen with the Detective Pikachu movie. Thus, it doesn’t seem far-fetched for a live-action Legend of Zelda series to be made on Netflix. Granted, this trailer made by Smosh is a parody, though the success of shows like Game of Thrones might support such an idea.

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