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Parasite is Bong Joon Ho’s newest flick, and it’s dark, twisted, and totally fascinating. Nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, this Korean film certainly has a wide fanbase all over North America. The most interesting part of this dynamic film is the variety of characters.

Whether you have your favorite, or if you kind of hated all of them, each was totally unique and infatuating. For all the nerds out there, we thought you might be interested to know which character would be most like your own D&D character. Here are the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments of this movie’s characters.

9 Kim Ki-taek – Neutral Good

This character is the provider, the wise father, and the man with the big heart. Someone in this moral alignment has respect for law and authority, but they don’t feel as pressured to follow it. If it is best for their family or for themselves, they are willing to bend the rules.

However, this kind of person only does so for altruistic purposes. They make personal sacrifices to help others and have a strong heart that leads them through life. This is Kim Ki-taek wrapped up in a nutshell, and he definitely falls under Neutral Good.

8 Park Dong-ik – Chaotic Neutral

This rich man is probably the least likable character of the film. But while he isn’t the nicest fellow, he certainly doesn’t go out of his way to harm others. He’s chaotic because he values freedom above all. He cares only about himself, and he’s willing to do just about anything for himself and his family.

As well, this moral alignment doesn’t really help others or harm them. Outside of their treasured personal relationships, they don’t really care about other people.

7 Moon-gwang – Lawful Evil

This character definitely exploits the rich families she works for. She likes systems and laws, but only because she finds ways to exploit them and use them to her advantage. This character falls under the evil alignment because she also harms others with no real motivation.

Sure, she tries to befriend Chung-sook, but then she becomes quite the evil character. We pity her, but she’s certainly Lawful Evil. She stays within her assigned role, but she definitely becomes a snake when provoked.

6 Park Yeon-kyo – Lawful Neutral

The rich, naive mother of the movie. Honestly, we also feel sorry for this woman, but she also doesn’t have the best heart in her chest or head on her shoulders. Honestly, this character is lawful because she has no willingness to break standards. She knows her place, and she has no incentive to go against society or its social norms.

However, she also falls under the neutral alignment because, like her husband, she only truly cares about those close to her. She has her own morals, but they are only necessary within her social bonds.

5 Kim Chung-sook – Chaotic Good

This mother is someone we definitely wouldn’t want to mess with. This character falls under the Chaotic alignment because she does whatever is necessary to protect her family. She doesn’t care about organization or law.

However, she’s Chaotic Good because she also cares deeply about her family, and she only does chaotic things because she thinks it is the right thing for her and her family. Her actions can be wild and chaotic, but at the end of the day, her heart is in the right place.

4 Kim Ki-jung – Chaotic Neutral

This character is arguably the most interesting and hilarious to watch on the big screen. She certainly has her own ambitions and talents. She falls under Chaotic Neutral because she’s an individualist. This moral alignment doesn’t care for tradition or rules, but instead focuses on freedom.

She also doesn’t care about what’s „good“ or „bad“, she just has goals that she wants to achieve. She’s mad at the institution, and her own success is the only thing on her mind. She’s Chaotic Neutral because she’ll do whatever it takes to get her there, and morals are definitely not her highest priority.

3 Geun-se – Neutral Evil

This character very quickly becomes the (most obvious) villain of the story. This man clearly loved his wife, but he is the first parasite of this movie. This moral alignment follows their own goals, and they have no issue harming others to achieve them.

They are more than willing to cause chaos, and they will likely respond with violence. They don’t needlessly kill, but this alignment will quickly strike when crossed. It’s not hard to see why he fits into evil, but he only does so because he’s been wronged.

2 Park Da-hye – Neutral

This character doesn’t really care about anything other than making out with her tutor. However, she best falls into the Neutral moral alignment because she doesn’t really have anything driving her beside her secret crush.

She doesn’t care about laws, but she doesn’t consciously have this relationship to be rebellious. She also isn’t driven by her morals, so it’s hard to place her under „good“ or „bad“. Therefore, this character is pretty neutral, and is just trying to live her best teenage life.

1 Kim Ki-woo – Neutral Good

This character seems the most calm and collected, but he is actually the reason the entire nonsense of this film occurs. The son of the Kim family is Neutral Good. He also doesn’t exactly care about law or society standards, but he does feel wronged by them. He also thinks he deserves better, so he’s willing to break the rules for himself and his family.

However, his motives are not to harm anyone. Ultimately, they’re good intentions, because he wants a good life for himself, his sister, and his parents. It clearly doesn’t end up in his favor, but he still falls well into the Neutral Good moral alignment.

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