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Supernatural: 10 Worst Things Baby The Impala Has Gone Through

Supernatural has been responsible for propelling a number of items into mainstream pop culture, and one of the most iconic things from the show has been the 1967 Chevy Impala owned by Dean Winchester. This car has been through every single one of the heroes’ struggles, so much so that it has seen its own long list of abuse.

Now that we’re near the end of the series, fans are obsessing over the potential scenarios where we see the Impala bow out. Before that comes to pass, it’s worth honoring the car by remembering all it had to put up with. With that in mind, here are the 10 worst things that happened to Dean’s Baby Impala.

10 Run Over By Demons

An army of demons in their smoke form is nothing to scoff at, as these have been seen hurting even the Darkness herself; you’ll recall she’s the strongest being in all the Supernatural universe. The Impala never stood a chance here, as we saw in the Season 6 finale.

When Bobby and Dean arrived to stop Raphael and Crowley from their plans of opening Purgatory, the latter summoned demons from Hell to guard the place. Here, the protagonists attempted to save themselves by getting in the Impala, only for the car to be flipped around multiple times and tossed over several yards away where it was left upturned.

9 Getting Crashed And Used To Decapitate A Monster

While this one didn’t find itself in the list of Dean’s coolest kills, it was still one of the more creative ways we’ve seen him kill off a monster. In the episode, “Baby” where the story was told through the viewpoint of the Impala, Dean used the car to end proceedings.

As the monster was the one driving the car with Dean as his hostage in the backseat, the latter escaped his binds and launched an assault. This led to the Impala being crashed head-on with a barrier before Dean used its glass shards for an offensive maneuver. Finally, he used the car doors to decapitate the monster, almost rendering the vehicle unfit to drive.

8 Stop Existing Altogether

Supernatural showed the Butterfly Effect very well in the episode where the Titanic was prevented from sinking by Balthazar, as one of the consequences was the Impala line of cars ceasing to exist. This also had the result of Dean forgetting about Baby.

While there wasn’t any outright fallout from the Impala being erased from history in the particular episode, it was still a horrible realization that Dean’s Baby had been wiped away from his mind.

7 Keyed By Abaddon And The Demons As A Warning

The First Blade was one of the strongest weapons in existence, being able to kill any demon ever created and powered by the Mark of Cain. As such, its threat was known to Abaddon who left a warning to Dean and Sam through the Impala.

After the two had acquired the blade, they returned to find the Impala horribly keyed up. This was also a warning for Crowley, who had assisted the brothers, as the engraved warning in Enochian told them all to be afraid of the queen. To add insult to injury, Crowley then dented the car further by tossing Dean and Sam onto it as a warning of his own.

6 Mauled By A Hellhound

You’d think the Impala would be too sturdy to be bent out of shape by a dog, but this was by no means a normal pooch — this was the first hellhound created. Ramsay, as was her name, was sent to attack the heroes, and found Sam to pursue.

When the younger Winchester was driving the car, Ramsay ambushed him and tried to turn him into puppy chow. The weight of the hellhound was too immense, as the car’s roof got bent, its windows shattered, and scratch marks clawed in. Although Ramsay was killed, this was a mauling the Impala would never forget.

5 Getting Stolen By A Punk Teen

The 300th episode gave us three of the most annoying characters on the show in Max, Stacy, and Eliot, who were punk teens way in over their heads. Max, in an attempt to make her new friends think she was cool, ended up stealing the Impala to look like a big shot.

She had no intention of returning it back, meaning Baby could’ve been vandalized by a group of immature teenagers. Dean was incensed by this event, so much so that he threatened to break the teenagers’ thumbs if they had the gall to steal Baby again. A classy vehicle like Baby in the hands of teenagers? That’s even worse than getting smashed.

4 Abandoned For Being A Wanted Vehicle

The Leviathans hatched a plan to eliminate Sam and Dean as a threat without having to capture the brothers themselves when they had two of their kind impersonate the heroes. While impersonating the Winchesters, the Leviathans massacred many to frame the brothers as criminals.

They were forced to go into lockdown, and since the Impala was the most recognizable possession the brothers had, it had to be abandoned. To Dean’s sadness, the car was left under a tarp and hidden far away for close to a year, with the Impala also replaced by a number of shoddy vehicles.

3 Getting Possessed By A Ghost

Surprisingly, this has happened on more than one occasion, as even ghosts know the way to hurt Dean is by going for his car. The first instance was in the pilot episode itself, where the Woman in White took over the Impala and tried to run over Sam and Dean.

A similar incident happened in Season 6 as another ghost possessed the car, this time going to greater lengths to squash Dean. He managed to save himself, but at the cost of the Impala as the car was guided into slamming against a wall to avoid crushing Dean.

2 Smashed In By A Truck

This is remembered as the turning point in Supernatural’s history, as the crashing of the Impala signified a key transition for the show. While John proved why he was such a hard-to-kill character, and Sam survived too, the same couldn’t be said for Dean.

As it happened, father and sons were fleeing their encounter with the Prince of Hell Azazel, when one of the latter’s goons possessed a truck driver who rammed the enormous vehicle into the Impala. Baby was damaged almost beyond repair, and Dean was left in the fringes of death until John had to make a deal to revive him. It took Dean all his skills to keep the Impala from being completely totaled.

1 Getting Bashed By Dean

Although the Impala has seen worse abuse by enemies far stronger, the most painful experience it’s withstood has to be at the hands of Dean. After all, this is the guy who’s supposed to love the car most out of anyone.

However, Dean was the one to dole out the pain when he struck the Impala with a crowbar, not once, but as many as seventeen repeated hits. This was in response to his grief of losing his father, and he vented it out on the car as Dean smashed the glass and delivered a pounding on the hood like no other.

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