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Final Fantasy 7: Defeat Emerald & Ruby Weapon the Easy Way

Final Fantasy VII Remake is only focusing on the Midgar section of Final Fantasy VII, which means that fans will have to wait a few years before they can see the return of some of the most iconic monsters in the series – Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. The Weapons are colossal monsters that were created by the Planet to destroy Jenova, but she was already defeated by the Cetra before they could be dispatched, so they remained in stasis for millennia, until they were unleashed once more to deal with Sephiroth.

The player has to battle Diamond Weapon and Ultimate Weapon during the story of Final Fantasy VII, but there are two more that are optional encounters. Emerald Weapon is a nightmarish abomination that dwells in the darkness of the ocean, which the player can encounter when they acquire the submarine. If the player hunts down and defeats Ultimate Weapon, then a new monster called Ruby Weapon will appear in the desert around the Gold Saucer. These two goliaths are easily the most powerful monsters in Final Fantasy VII and they have annihilated many unprepared and unworthy parties over the years.

The problem with being the top dog is that everyone is gunning for their position. The strength of Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon was so infamous that fans have worked out numerous ways to defeat them with ease, so long as they have the right combination of items and Materia. Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon were once the most feared creatures on the original PlayStation, but they can be taken down with ease using Screen Rant’s helpful guide.

Cait Sith might be one of the less popular characters in Final Fantasy VII, but it’s possible for it to defeat both of the Weapon monsters in a single move. Unlike the other characters in the game, Cait Sith only has two Limit Breaks. Cait Sith’s second Limit Break is Slots, which is a slot machine with a number of different effects. The strongest Slots effect is called Game Over, which instantly kills any enemy in the game, including Emerald & Ruby Weapon. It’s possible to slow down the slots by pressing Square (or its equivalent on different systems) and by learning how the symbols work when the button is pressed, the player can cause a Game Over to occur. Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon are both susceptible to Game Over, so they can be defeated in a single move.

Let’s start off with unofficial methods. There is a bug in Final Fantasy VII known as the Overflow Glitch, which is caused when a number goes beyond its maximum value and returns to zero. If the player finds the Death Penalty weapon in Lucrecia’s Cave and uses Vincent to kill 65408 enemies which could take a while), then he can one-shot kill anything in the game, as his Death Penalty weapon is powered up by the number of enemies he has slain. It’s possible for Barret to perform a similar effect using his Missing Score weapon. The Missing Score’s strength is tied to the AP of the Materia equipped to it. If a level 99 Barret enters a battle with Emerald Weapon with a Missing Score that has eight mastered Knights of the Round Materia attached and consumes a couple of Hero Drinks (to raise his strength even further), then he can use the Overflow Glitch to kill Emerald Weapon.

One strategy (courtesy of Elentor on Let’s Play Archive) involves the use of gravity. Emerald Weapon has such an incredibly high hit point score that Demi 1 will deal 9999 points of damage per turn. If the Gravity Materia is combined with HP Absorb and W-Magic is combined with Quadra Magic, then the player is hitting Emerald Weapon for 9999 eight times per turn and healing themselves in the process. If another character uses Mime, then they repeat the process. Once the gravity damage starts dealing less than 9999, then it’s time to quickly bring out the heavy hitters (Omnislash, Knights of the Round) in order to finish it off in one or two rounds.

Ruby Weapon is far stronger than Emerald Weapon, thanks to a ridiculously high defense stat, a number of powerful attacks, and the ability for it to remove party members at any time using Whirlisand (except on the original PlayStation version of the game when it was only used on the 25th and 32nd turns).

Ruby Weapon might be a beast, but it has one significant weakness – paralysis. The player can steal an item called Dazers from Battery Caps (found in the forests of the Nibel area) and Boundfats (which can be found in Corel Valley). Once the player has acquired the W-Item Materia (originally found in the tunnels beneath Midgar during the raid on Disc 2 or dug up in Bone Village later if missed), then it’s possible to use the duplication glitch to make 99 of any item. The W-Item Materia glitch involves selecting an item, selecting a target for the item, selecting another item, then canceling the choice, which will increase the number of the original item. The same glitch can also be used to make 99 Megalixirs to keep the party alive for the battle that is to come.

The player must enter the battle with Ruby Weapon with two dead characters, as this will cause it to unleash its tentacles, making it vulnerable to damage. The sole character should revive the other party members as soon as the tentacles appear. It’s then possible to spam Dazers on Ruby Weapon, which will keep it paralyzed for the remainder of the fight. When paralyzed in this manner, Ruby Weapon cannot attack or counter, leaving the player free to deal with the main body as they see fit, so long as they keep spamming Dazers, as it won’t remain paralyzed for long.

It’s advised that the player enter the battle with everyone equipped with Fire Armlets (to absorb Ruby’s powerful Ruby Flame attack) and Ribbons (to protect them from status effects), as well as casting Reflect on the party as soon as everyone is up to protect them from Ruby’s Shadow Flare spell. With these protections up, the player is free to spam Dazers and Megalixirs using W-Item and chipping away at Ruby Weapon using regular attacks.

Final Fantasy VII is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch

Source: Let’s Play Archive

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