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10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Fitbit Can Do -BB

Fitbit’s have become incredibly popular pieces of technology, with the wearable item being commonplace now. Fitness gurus have pushed it and plugged the idea of how good they are and what benefits they can bring to people if they own one.

With Christmas just behind us, the chances are that many people have recently had a Fitbit bought for them, but there are many different things that the technology can do that most people aren’t aware of.

Sure, the technology will count your steps and hold you accountable for your activity on a daily basis, but that isn’t the end of what they can offer. So, within this list, we will reveal 10 things that you didn’t know that the Fitbit can do.


9 Challenges

Being fit and healthy is great, but staying motivated to do so isn’t the easiest thing for everybody. That’s why the Fitbit challenge mode is one of the best features that this technology has, which many people are still not aware of which is a shame.

It has a huge social network with likeminded people around the world where you can compete against each other in order to make sure you stay accountable. You can do this with friends as well and put prizes on the line and really make things as fun as possible.

8 GPS Mapping

The Fitbit has gone beyond just being a fitness item that helps with staying healthy. With each new release the technology is advancing and that has allowed for new elements to be implemented and one of those has included GPS mapping.

This means you’re not only able to track your steps in incredible detail, but you can also use it for GPS tracking should you so wish to see exactly where you’ve been or where certain places are. It’s a neat new addition that will allow the Fitbit to do some great things moving forward.

7 Music Control

When people pick up health technology, the chances are it is to use it while doing something like running or heading to the gym. Because of that, people will also be using music at the same time in some manner in order to make them work out experience slightly more enjoyable.

Many people will be happy to know that with the Fitbit, you can control the music from your playlist using the technology. This is a major benefit to having it as it means you don’t need to be reaching for your phone constantly.6

6 Food Logging

Something else that has started to become popular with people looking to get better control of their health and diet is logging food. Putting down exactly how much and of what they’ve eaten is a great way to keep on top of hitting a calorie target.

Thankfully, this is another element that the Fitbit is able to help you with. The technology has bar code scanners and calorie estimators with a huge food database that should be able to pick up everything you’ve eaten in order to enhance the fitness aspect of your life.

5 Battery Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an item of technology and not knowing when the battery is about to die. Having to guess how long there is left and hoping that things haven’t run out is quite an annoying problem, which nobody wants to suffer.

However, with the Fitbit, that won’t be a problem for anybody. When you set up the item, you use your email and that allows the technology to alert you when the battery is about to die. You’ll get an email keeping you notified when charging is needed, which means you should never have those types of issues.

4 Don’t Worry If You Forget It

The main reason that people purchase a Fitbit is to track the steps that they make on a daily basis. However, remembering to wear it at all times isn’t always as easy as it seems, or perhaps wearing a Fitbit doesn’t go with an outfit for a more formal occasion.

Well, this isn’t an issue because the MobileTrack will support the Fitbit on your mobile phone. So, even if you forget to put it on, as long as you’ve got your phone in your pocket, all your steps will be synced together as one.

3 Heart Rate Training

While the Fitbit will track your steps and see exactly how active you are, it will also focus on your heart rate, which is incredibly important. It doesn’t just do it while you’re walking around though as it monitors the heart rate while you’re sleeping and resting.

This is a good measurement for a person’s true fitness and health. While some people won’t want to go into this much detail, for those who really want to take their health tracking to the next level this is a really cool aspect of the Fitbit.

2 Call & Texts

This won’t be available to every single Fitbit, but the latest (and most expensive) models are able to track your texts and calls. They will provide notifications on the display, allowing you to take a quick glimpse at what is happening in your social life.

The fact that you can do this means you are never going to miss out on anything while you’re on the go. It also means that you don’t need to have a phone on you at all times either, which is something that a lot of people want.

1 Sleep Habits

One part of people’s health that often gets overlooked and not focused on is sleep. How many hours you get per day can play a major impact on your energy and health which is why it’s essential to get between 7-9 hours every single day.

This is something that the Fitbit will help with. The technology will track when you’re asleep and when you’re awake, providing you with a bedtime target each day to help you keep on track with your plans and helping you feel as fresh as possible each morning.

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