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Concert Celebrating Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium to Donate All Proceeds to Charity

Kyoto Animation concert in Uji


To celebrate the great works of Kyoto Animation and Sound! Euphonium, a Christmas Concert was held in Uji, Kyoto with music from the series being played by live bands. After the horrific attack on Kyoto Animation on July 18, the hometown of the studio, the surrounding areas, and the entire world came out in support of Kyoto Animation and the employees affected by the tragedy, raising nearly US$30 million for the victims and their families.


Kyoto Animation logo


On December 15, the concert, a collaboration between Uji City and Keihan Railway Company, was held at Uji City Cultural Hall from 10 AM, with Kitauji High School Brass Band (who do the music for the series), Uji Municipal Uji Junior High School, Kyoto Tachibana High School, Kyoto Ryoyo High School, Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Subaru Senior High School, and Osaka Toin High School, all playing music from Sound! Euphonium, including “Liz and the Blue Bird” from the film of the same name and the opening, „Dream Solister.“


The mayor of Uji City, Tadashi Yamamoto, discussed the arson attack on Kyoto Animation in his opening speech and said that he “wants the city of Uji to give its full support to Kyoto Animation, as it’s located in the city.” The website for the charity concert says that all proceeds from the event (minus operational costs), will be donated on the advice of the “Sound! Euphonium Production Committee,” and that some of the money will go to the Japanese Red Cross. This was reiterated at the event.


At the event, two flower arrangements were displayed in the lobby. One was donated by the Sound! Euphonium Production Committee and the other was donated by Toyosato Sakura High Light Music Club, a K-ON! fan group that puts on events near the real-life school that was used as an inspiration for Sakura High in the series.


Source: Kyodo News via UlimateMegaX on Twitter

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